WHAT IS PETITS YOGUIS?Petits Yoguis is Yoga and much more.

In PetitsYoguis we are dedicated to yoga for children, yoga for families and the training and development of yoga teachers.

We do it because we are passionate about yoga and the education of yoga and also because of our desire to accompany young children in the discovery of the world and of life.

We work from the mainstay of yoga, but also with creativity, connecting with the talent and investigating the emotions and own resources of each one.

The training we give is very experiential, as we are convinced that one can only integrate knowledge when one is really able to live it and in this way we offer a very holistic way of learning.


Yoga classes for children, adolescents and families. The classes can be for individuals, small groups or for families

The training of Yoga for children – Om Shree Om School.

Weekend programs on specific topics of Yoga for children, which may be included in the training of Yoga for adults.

Courses, Seminars and Conferences for Yoga at schools, colleges, parents’ associations etc.

Weekend trips, holidays and retreats for families.




We are Miriam and Raphaela

Raphaela Fischer

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Miriam David Alvarez

Born in Valencia, as a teenager Miriam began to feel a special connection to small children. Knowing this from a very early age she wanted to pursue the field of education. After studying free time to be an instructor and Cultural Partner Cheerleader, she worked in the cities of Burjassot and Godella (Valencia),in the area of Youth. She trained as a chef and taught food, nutrition and cuisine classes in the district of Coma (Valencia), for women with conflicting personal and family situations . Miriam worked in several special education centres , with children who had special educational needs and risk. Trained as a Child Educator at primary level. For the last five years Miriam was a classroom tutor at a bilingual nursery school. Trained in Montessori education with Celine Hameury . Interested and studied in Alternative Methodologies . Trained Yoga for Children. Trained by Christine McArdle, Miriam learned about Yoga for children, by “Om Shree Om ” in Madrid. She has taught Yoga for children s in several centres and schools of Valencia, since completing training in 2010. Miriam made intensive yoga courses with the following teachers: Natalia Restrepo , Godfrey Devereux ( Dynamic Yoga creator ) , José Luis Cabezas, and John Friend ( founder of Anusara Yoga and Sri Daiva ) . Currently she is practising biodance and personal growth tools that she uses in her classes, as in everyday life . She loves to tell stories and share with the children the joy of living. Miriam is a mother of three children , for whom motherhood is a blessing that helps to connect to her heart



RAPHAELA +34 669 41 55 77, ALTEA

MIRIAM +34 600 032 996, VALENCIA

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