“I said: Someone should do something about it, so I understood that someone is me.”

In 2018 Receba Celacanto and I founded this Association to defend the rights of animals.

Our passion for them, and the deep respect we feel for the most unprotected, has made BigAtos a work whose foundation is Love.

BigAtos is a non-profit association that was born to help the most unprotected beings, regardless of species or race. We are currently promoting the implementation of the CER method (capture, neuter and return) in the feline street colonies at our town, and we rescue abandoned animals looking for a family for them once their traumas are healed.

You can follow our project on : https://www.facebook.com/BigAtosAltea/

You can support us to continue helping by:

1.- Joining our Teaming group with only 1€/month


2.-Making a donation to our account:

Account holder: Asociación BigAtos
CIF: G42607655
IBAN: ES32 0073 0100 5605 0567 7469
Concept:   Your name